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A business force in the food business.

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Our customers are divided into Traditional Wholesalers and Caterers, Large Distribution, Catering and Buying Groups.

We guarantee a wide range of products and provide personalized assistance ensuring a safe reference for every need.

In nearly 50 years of activity, the Group has been able to create a capillary structure of qualified business managers who organize and coordinate sales for our clients.

We cooperate with the manufacturing companies, which invoice and deliver directly to the customers, so we play the role of “bridge” between companies and customers.

Our two divisions cover the two main ranges of food products on the market:


The General Division deals with frozen and fresh food producers.

We are at the service of some of Europe's major industry sectors.


The division of dried food is handled by Foca.

It deals with some of the leading companies in the sector in Europe.

Agrarfrost General

Individualised product solutions "Made in Germany" for national and international markets: produced from top-quality, sustainably grown potatoes - processed at our own state-of-the-art factories.

The choice diversity of Agrarfrost satisfies every taste and suits many different dining situations, leaving nothing to be desired: easy, convenient and quick to prepare.

Ideal for vegetarian menus, as a side dish or as a between-meal snack. Every time different and always delicious.

Dirafrost Dirafrost product image

Dirafrost’s is the preferred partner for frozen fruit solutions, thanks to a real passion for quality, supply chain excellence & customer proximity.

A global reaserch in order to to select only the choicest of crops and then fast freeze them as soon as they are harvested.

A passion for quality & supply chain excellence that make sure that the customers don’t have to worry about the quality of their fruit ingredients.

So they have more time to focus on their core business.

A partner, not just a supplier.

Gi&sse Dolcificio Gi&sse Dolcificio

The Dolcificio GI&SSE has worked in the confectionery field since 1978, it has always offered a wide range of fried and frozen products, born from the passion and the research of Italian taste and authenticity, obtained thanks to a processing method that combines tradition and technology.

Thanks to the constant attention to the choice of raw materials, the care for the mixtures and in the process of frying, the products by Dolcificio GI&SSE offer the qualities of artisanal production, at the same time, the adoption of the most modern and effective techniques for production and freezing allow us to keep these features intact to the consumer.

We are present throughout the serving from the wholesaler to the most important confectionery industries.

Magic-Gel Magic-Gel

Magic Gel produces a wide variety of ice cream, semifreddos, sorbets, etc. Gin a viairiation of tastes.

Magic Gel uses only fresh and top quality ingredients to ensure the best of the ice cream flavor, and everyone will find the best taste for variety.

Safety accompanies the product from receipt of raw materials to production and delivery to the customer.

Le Mantonovelle Prodotto le Mantonovelle

Founded in 1951, Pastificio "Le Mantovanelle" is specialized in the production of egg pasta in a land with a strong culinary tradition deeply rooted in the territory.

Innovation is the constant goal of the Pastificio "Le Mantovanelle". In a modern plant, able to meet the most advanced quality and safety requirements, a wide range of egg-dry pasta is produced using selectively-selected and strictly controlled raw materials, processed according to the most up-to-date production technologies of packaging.

Bia Bia product image

Our couscous is made in Italy with all the italian passion for food BIA S.p.A., has been producing for more than 10 years high quality couscous in a wide range of categories.

All BIA products are entirely manufactured in Italy.

Characterized by advanced technological systems, BIA S.p.A. combines the progress and the consequent production performance with the history of a product that comes from the simplicity of tradition and processing of semolina.

This is like a kind of bridge between past and present that allows you to create unique couscous dishes with pleasant taste, versatility and ease of preparation. BIA S.p.A., currently present in 50 countries worldwide, has as its primary objective the care of the product, of the consumer and of the environment.

The Bia couscous, organic or conventional, in its wide range of types, is a perfect choice both for those who want to follow a healthy diet and for those who have specific needs thanks to our Gluten Free line and the Wellness line.

Zanini Zanini prodotto

Pastificio Zanini, a company that since 1979 produces special shapes of egg pasta dryed. Garganelli, garganelli romagnoli, maccheroni al pettine, strozzapreti, gramigna, these and more are the sizes of our production that is divided into two types: pasta da sfoglia and pasta da trafila.